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A Travel Community with Curiosity for Culture

Who Are Link2Locals Members

Professionals (active and retired) with a curiosity and desire to explore destinations at a more in-depth level. Members get to know local residents to gain a better appreciation for the underlying culture.

Members can be couples or individuals. All ages (21+) are welcome. Link2Locals members are volunteers who engage both as travelers and/or ambassadors (when they are not traveling).

When serving as an Ambassador, members have the opportunity to enjoy sharing their local community and expertise with other traveling members. In the process, members can make friends with people from all around the world – when traveling or without leaving home!

See Traveler & Ambassador engagement details below.

What Link2Locals IS NOT

Local Ambassadors are volunteers.  They are willing to help, but they are not travel agents or professional tour guides – please respect their time, and don’t count on them to plan your entire visit.  It is about valuable insight and creating a local experience.

Local Ambassadors are not expected to provide lodging!  They are intended to provide insight and experience in planning, cultural exchange and friendship; not be a source of cheap lodging or free meals.

Link2Locals in not a dating site. It is open to couples and singles, but if you are trying to meet your soul mate or ‘hook up’ with locals, there are plenty of websites out there for those needs.


  • When you have a destination in mind, email Tom or Brenda to communicate travel plans and your ideal travel experience
  • We will do our best to match you with a local Ambassador
  • Connect with the local Ambassador via email to get ideas and recommendations for your trip
  • Remember, the local Ambassador is a volunteer, not a paid tour guide – be respectful and appreciative of their time
  • Ideally, plan time to meet your local Ambassador face-to-face to enhance the local experience – a dinner, drinks, activity or just coffee
  • Provide feedback on your Link2Locals experience and with your Ambassador back to Brenda or Tom
  • Upload pictures and comments about your trip on the Link2Locals Facebook page


  • During the initial sign-up, you will be asked to describe your interests and local activities you could recommend to travelers
  • You will be contacted when a traveler has requested a “connection” in your area
  • General information about the traveler and the travel dates will be forwarded to you by Brenda or Tom. Determine if you are available and willing to connect and an email exchange will follow
  • Minimally we ask the Ambassador to establish a dialog with the traveler, recommend interesting hotels, outstanding restaurants, and unique activities to their trip
  • Ideally meet face-to-face to establish a “personal” connection – a dinner, drinks, activity or just coffee
  • Provide feedback on the Link2Locals experience with the traveler back to Tom or Brenda
Link2Locals members go beyond “Tourist” to become “Travelers”

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