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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Global Citizen”?

A person who is open to other cultures and points-of-view gained through interacting with people from other countries and whose identity transcends the geography of their home country and strives to be a member in a broader class; “humanity”.

What is a “Traveler”?

In the context of Link2Locals, a Traveler is member, away from home, visiting other cities. The Traveler can be either a single person or a couple.

Define an “Ambassador”?

An Ambassador is a member (either a single person or a couple) that agrees to assist a traveling member and help guide them to unique activities and sites while they are visiting the Ambassador’s home town. Their emphasis is that of sharing their culture and promoting friendship. They are encouraged to schedule a face-to-face visit with the traveler while they are in town! 

They are not expected to plan the entire visit for the traveler, they are volunteers not professional travel agents! The traveler must still take the lead in planning their own trip. The Ambassador is just there to provide advice and guidance.

Also the Ambassador is not expected to host the traveler in their home, instead the Ambassador can provide a few “recommended” hotels (in different price ranges) that may be unique and showcase the local culture.

Must I meet with a connection face-to-face?

No.  Any assistance the you can give the traveling member (on-line) when they are in the planning stage of their trip, is encouraged, and will be appreciated.

But the real value of Link2Locals is the opportunity to meet have a shared cultural exchange!  Therefore, you are encouraged to schedule a face-to-face visit with the traveler while you are serving as an Ambassador! Set up a dinner, or at least have coffee or a drink. Better yet, participate in an activity with them. Go for a bike ride around town; play golf; go skiing; take a walk with them and show them a unique part of your home town; invite them to a block party or social gathering that you may be having! These are the experiences that they will never find in the guide books (or on google) and they will get a chance to understand how locals really live, and remember the rest of their lives!  We hope that you enjoy the exchange just as much as the traveler! 

What is my time commitment if I join Link2Locals?

This is entirely up to you!  You can be as active as you like. If you are contacted to serve as an Ambassador, but you are not in your home town (or have other commitments), you can simply decline the request.

However, if you are available, we encourage you to engage with a traveling member. The length of time will be up to you and the traveler.  It can be as short as coffee, or as long as a shared activity. Not only will you be helping them out, you have an opportunity meet a fellow traveler and possible make a life-long friend!  Someone that you can later visit in their home town!

Can I be just a traveler?

Yes, but we encourage you to also serve as an Ambassador when you are not traveling. If you are contacted to serve as an Ambassador, but you are not in your home town (or have other commitments), you can simply decline the request – we all have personal commitments.

But if you are available, we encourage you to engage with a traveling member. Not only will you be helping them out, you have an opportunity meet a fellow traveler and possible make a life-long friend! Someone that you can later visit in their home town!

Can I be just an Ambassador?

Yes, we believe that by being an Ambassador a few times, you will make friends with one or more traveler who may invite you to travel to their city and visit them!

Is Link2Locals just for international travel?

No.  It is intended to promote all travel, and build friendships and relationships. If you are traveling within your country, and would like assistance (and a friend) when you get there, Link2Locals may be able to help!

How much will it cost to be a member?

For now, membership is free! – nothing; nada; zero. We expect that there will be a modest membership fee later when the community is fully up and running.

It is our intent to “grandfather” the members who join during the start-up phase and waive any future membership fees going forward. This is our way to thank you for your early participation and helping to make Link2Locals a success!

How private is my information?

Link2Locals is a social network, so much of your information will be shared with other members.  However, the data base is secured and will not be shared outside of the member network. The information regarding your picture(s), email address, home town, personal interests, and travel interests will be shared with other members as required to make connections between members.

The initial information exchanges between members, will not include your last names, street address, or other personal information.  Although Link2Locals will take reasonable precautions to protect all member information, we encourage you not to include sensitive (or embarrassing) information in your profile. Also, you should exercise discretion regarding information shared directly with other Link2Locals members.

What is the target age group / demographic?

Link2Locals is open to all age groups (21+) and demographics.

We encourage mature travelers to join and become active.  Many travel communities cater exclusively to younger travelers.  Link2Local is designed to serve members of all ages. Many Link2Local members are professional (or retired professionals), and prefer to stay in nicer hotels and experience the finer restaurants. The benefits of social media should not just be for the young!

What cities does Link2Locals cover?

It is our goal to cover all medium and large cities worldwide. Link2Locals is a new travel community, this will take some time to grow and develop.

Our initial effort is to target major cities in the USA and Europe. We will expand to the rest of the world as soon as we can. Please be patient with us.  Thank you for your early participation and shared belief that we are a great global society!

Can I offer to host a traveler in my home?

Yes, if you choose to do so, but to be clear; Ambassadors are not ‘expected’ to have travelers stay in their home!

If you want to have a traveler stay in your home (and they want to do so), that is entirely up to the both of you. For example, you have met a couple while they served as an Ambassador to you when visiting their home town. You got to know them and developed a friendship. When they travel to your home town, you may be comfortable inviting them to stay in your home.

Link2Locals only serves to make connections and provide a limited set of guidelines – not limit how you interact with people you meet through the community.  

I have a 2nd home, or have lived in several cities. Can I serve as an Ambassador in more than one city?

Yes, just let us know which cities work for you – and approximate date range in the event of seasonal homes.  

I ski often in the winter. Can I serve as an Ambassador at a ski resort?

Absolutely!  Just let us know what ski resorts (and dates – if known). The details of each connection will need to be worked out with the traveling member.

I am an avid golfer (sailor, biker, skier, etc.). Am I encouraged to share these activities with traveling members?

Yes, just list the activities in your Link2Locals profile.

What qualifies a person to be a 1) Traveler, 2) Ambassador?

No special qualifications are required! The only qualification is that you love to travel and/or share local life with others!  Just be an open person who enjoys meeting people from other cultures. The Link2Locals community will help connect you to other like-minded individuals from other part of the world!

Do people come to the process with a destination in mind, or do they pick a destination based on where there are Ambassadors?

Either way works.  It’s probably best to start with a couple of destination in mind, and a rough itinerary, and work with a limited number of Ambassador options. Especially, during the initial start-up process, until we get a member database website up and running.

What are some ways to get connected / communicate with the Ambassador / Traveler?

At this point in the startup process, the only way is to contact Tom or Brenda at and let us know where and when you plan to travel, we will do our best to put you in touch with one or more Ambassador options the match your destination/timeframe.

As Link2Locals grows, we will be developing an on-line data base of member profiles, so members can view possible Ambassadors and contact them directly – through the website.

Are Travelers / Ambassadors background checked? How do I know that they are trustworthy?

At this point, they are not.  We have plans to incorporate a digital background screening in the initial signup process, but it is not yet in place. We encourage all members to exercise caution in all interactions with other members!

Are language options (other than English) available?

Not at this time. We may consider data bases in other languages at a later date. When connecting with other members, you should use whatever language is most comfortable for the two parties.

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