Ohhhh Mr. Twain, truer words were never spoken! At Link2Locals, one of our core beliefs are when you travel to new cities, engage with local residents, the opportunity to experience a new culture, opens up the mind to the ways of the world. This experience of learning how others live, and think is greater than any formal education we as global citizens will ever receive.

At Link2Locals, you too can make a connection with a traveler in your city and have a meaningful exchange. Our members are volunteers who engage both as travelers and ambassadors (when they are not traveling).  When traveling, members have access to the Link2Locals network to connect with any number of volunteer Ambassadors. 

When serving as an Ambassador, members have the opportunity to share their local community with other traveling members.  In the process, members make friends and build a global network when traveling or without even leaving home!

Tell us about a time when you departed from a new city after meeting local resident with a new perspective.

What did you learn?

How did the experience impact your worldview?

How did the experience change you?

If want to continue to expand your horizons, join Link2Locals and get connected to like mind world travelers.